23 Tips to Become a Better Designer

You need years of experience to create a good design. D-E-S-I-G-N is not how it looks, its how it works. Design is what makes people smile. Good design is not only about the looks, a good design is functional, innovative, aesthetic, honest and user-oriented. And in this post we will learn the fundamental rules of designing. Lets start with the fundamental rules of the designing. 1. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Nothing ever matched with what simple things could do. Good … [Read more...]

Git Beginners Guide : The Complete Guide to Git

Git is the world's best version control System available. It is developed by Linus Torvalds who is the creator of Linux kernel to manage the source code of the Linux. In this git beginners guide you will learn how to use git in your projects. Why You Need Git Although there are many other version control systems available but Git makes developers life easier by providing the most powerful and easy-to-use version control tools. With a version control system (VCS) you can have track of every … [Read more...]

iOS 8 Wallpapers

These are the new iOS 8 Wallpapers extracted from the iOS 8 GM build (iPhone). iPad version coming soon. If you like it please share your experience in the comments sections. Download links are below. DOWNLOAD iOS 8 Wallpaper [Zip] [Dropbox] DOWNLOAD iOS 8 Wallpaper [Zip] … [Read more...]

How To Sell Virtual And Real Things Using WordPress

You are an aspiring entrepreneur who want to change the world and make others life easy. You spent countless hours building an awesome product and it's the time to release your product to public and make some sales. You are familiar with WordPress and want to use it to sell your digital items or ship real items to the buyers. How would you do that? → Table of Contents: Selling Virtual Goods Using WordPress Selling Real Items Using WordPress How to Sell Virtual Products Using … [Read more...]

Top 5 Best Author Box Plugin for WordPress

Author box are great way to expose the writer to the world and it is a necessary for multi-author blogs. There are many author box plugin available but I'm sharing the best 5 plugins here. 5 Best Author Box Plugins 1. Better Author Bio Simply adds an author bio box in every post automatically. You can choose where you want to show it. You can add links of your Blog, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles on the bio. Do it automatically or manual with shortcode [author_bio] … [Read more...]