9 Tips to Get Adsense Approved Easily

how-to-get-approved-google-adsenseWhen I started blogging that time i don’t know about Adsense I started blogging for fun and later it become my hobby. In 2013 I applied for Adsense for one of my blog which is getting 3K pageviews/daily at that time. My first application was rejected when i applied using the blogspot domain. Next day i applied with a custom domain and i got reply that my address is not complete ( and they were right). After correcting my address I replied again and this time my application get approved, its easy.


Here is how to get Adsense Approved easily:

1.Use TLD (Top Level Domain)


It is the most important thing while applying for Adsense is to have a Top-Level Domain (ex .com or .in etc.). When I applied for Adsense with my blogspot domain i got rejected and next day when i applied using my custom domain I get approved.

So the moral of the story is chance of getting approved with custom domain is much higher than any Low-Level Domain like blogspot.

2.Give correct information


Always give correct information while applying for Adsense if you want to get Approved fully. I used the word ‘fully’ because after the approval they will send you your PIN on the address you have given. If you have given wrong address you will never get the money you earned.

3.Remove drop down menu (if any).

it is important! not to have any thing on website which can lead to accidental clicks on ads. So it is very important to remove such thing before applying.

4. URL Format

You website must have a simple URL format. Here is the example of URL which is not accepted by Google Adsense.


5.Add About Us and Contact Page

About page is most important in getting Adsense Approved. When the Google Adsense Team visit you site for approval they will see your About Page first to know about your blog content. Therefore i recommend you to write a Killer About Page for your blog. About page also help in building readership and Direct Ad Sell.

6.Email Address 

Use professional Email Address for Adsense Application avoid funky email names if possible use custom Email address like name@yourblog.com . You can use Gmail Email address like i used for Adsense Approval it can be like that youfullname111@gmail.com

7.Website Design

Design represent your professionalism and experience so be careful while choosing the design. It must be fast loading and must not contain arrows pic or something else which leads to invalid clicks.

8.Number of posts

This is not so much important. Important is you content quality. Make sure you don’t  have any incomplete articles on your blog. The minimum number of posts is the number of posts which makes your homepage look stuffed with content. To achieve this use the popular post, recent post, note worthy posts widgets.

9.Website language

Google Adsense only support English language website. On other else. So make sour that you don’t apply for website with language other than English.

10. You can take my help for review of your blog.

I’m always ready to help you just comment and see.


  1. says

    I think that you mentioned some good points that are necessary before approving a adsense account. But, I think there are some other imp. points that are necessary points like minimum number of posts(35-40 posts) before applying for adsense, website loading etc. But, at last thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful articles with us.

  2. says

    Dude,first of all thanks for this post,
    I have a blog,where I am writing tamil poems in thanglish language( tamil english )
    I am getting more than 4000 unique visitors,but google rejected my site to approve in adsense,
    any suggestions?

  3. says

    Thanks for your reply Rajiv
    But one of my competitor is using Adsense though he is posting like my articles in tamil language,
    and one things I want to ask,bidvertiser is not working for me,my earning are not increasing
    pls visit my website and suggest a best alternative for my site
    Once again thanks

    • says

      Google Adsense don’t support tamil content.
      You can use direct advertising and adf.ly advertising to increase revenue. I recommend you to use the adf.ly ads it will surely boost you income.

  4. says

    Oh not rajiv, I tried adf.ly also but that is not performing well,just a day before I registered with qadabara and I am waiting for the result
    thanks dude for your valuable cooperation
    Also Don’t Forget To Check My Website Ad Performance At http://www.frunu.com

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