10 Best Android 4.4 KitKat Features

Android 4.4 Best Features

The future of Android, KitKat has arrived with a new tasty UI, smooth texture and crunchy new features. Google has done a lot of work under the hood of Android 4.4.

The result is Android 4.4 is the most polished version of Android.

Android 4.4 Runs smooth like butter on low specs devices

In Android 4.4 Google has reduced and optimised the CPU and RAM uses, and as a result Android 4.4 runs smooth on low specs devices also.

This mean you can open more apps simultaneously without any problem.

Google Now

Google Now

Google Now is improved in Android KitKat. Now you don’t need to press any button to use Google Now, just say ‘Ok Google’.

 Immersive Mode

Android Immersive Mode

In immersive mode apps can utilise the full screen to display content. This feature comes very useful when you are reading a book or watching a video on you mobile device. Immersive mode hides the status bar and software navigation buttons to make full use of the screen.

If you want to see the notification bar or navigation buttons just slide your fingers at the edge of screen and they will appear.

Improved Phone App


The new phone app automatically prioritizes the contact and rearrange them on the basic of people who you talk most. You can also search numbers of local places and businesses direct from the Phone App. This feature saves a lot of time.

Improved Battery Life

Android 4.4 features a process called “Hardware Sensor Batching”. What it does is, It allow Android to collect all the information coming from sensors and deliver sensor event in clumps. It reduces the CPU load and hence saves battery.

Smart Caller ID

Caller Id

 When ever you get call from the number which is not in your contact list, the phone will match the number with business with a local listing on Google Maps.

 Mobile Printing

Android Printing

With Android 4.4 you can print photos, documents, web pages right from your mobile. You can print to any printer connected to Google Cloud Print, to HP ePrint printers, and to other printers that have apps in the Google Play Store.

Emojis in Google Keyboard


Another area where KitKat beats the older versions is emojis in the Google Keyboard. So now you can use emojis everywhere without using any third party Keyboard apps.

New Aesthetics


While listening to music or projecting movies to Chromecast you will see album and movie art on the lock screen.

New Hangout App


Now all your SMS, MMS and Google Hangouts are in the same place. And now you can send animated gifs right from the Hangout app.


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    Woo, some new and interesting features are included in the android 4.4 kitkat. Specially, The last two features that you have mentioned I’m not aware about them. Thanks a lot@For sharing these amazing features with us.

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